Corsi di MusicaInsieme

13/10/2014 14:52

MusicaInsieme (Musictogether) is one of the educational projects proposed by Accademia della Musica. It consists of instrumental classes for children starting from 6-year-old children and adults; plus some courses to put children, moms to be and infants in contact with music. Every class consists of small groups.

MusicaInGrembo is made up of courses for pregnant women and children until 2 years old, divided into age groups (6 months, 12 months and 24 months). Since the maternal womb babies learn to know melodies that they will hear again in the following classes, once they are born. They grow up together with their moms in an itinerary of discovery of sound and singing, feeling a group identity without finding difficulties in staying with other babies and mothers.

GiocoMusica is for the age goups under 6 years old (2-3, 4-5, 6 years old), and its aim is to put children close to music through games. Little musical instruments like percussions and instruments made by children themselves are made available to children. They are free to know the instruments, but they are also guided to a conscious use of them. Singing and corporal movement accompany the majority of activities. In this phase, children are not accompaned by parents.

The goal of Musical classes is to prepare a show in order to encourage children to confront with several disciplines: not only acting, but also dancing, singing, music. The soundtracks are played by participants or children who attend the instrumental courses, and all songs are sung by protagonists, whether alone or in group. Children are free to express themselves, their creativity and capacities. Moreover, participation is active in preparing stage costumes, scenic design and choreographies.

Children that are older than 6 years old, teens and adults have the possibility to take part to instrumental classes. Every year the courses achieve a higher level or new instruments are added to the list of old ones. During these years, piano, guitar (classic and accompaniment), flute, accordion, trumpet and trombone were the favourite ones.