The Music Park

A journey through sounds, colours and fragrances can be experienced thanks to the sound installations of the Music Park, which is located next to the Museum.

The music park is divided into 5 thematic areas:


The ORCHARD houses a wind chime collection which aim is to make the visitor enjoy the sound that the wind produces on them. Apple, pear, cherry, plum, apricot trees and figes are the perfect natural setting for this area. It is also possible to hear the sound of the flock to pasture and to play the musical animals, enjoying the sound of the wind on bamboo poles.






The MUSIC GARDEN accomodates the visitors on original piano-benches. In this area you can find the Water Drum and many others percussion instruments. A green treble clef overlooks the entire garden which gathers all the tematic areas (aromatic herbs, rose garden, orchard, flowered garden).





The FLOWERED GARDEN gathers more than 70 species of plants which bloom in different times of the year: from March until October. Losing youself in such beautiful colours and fragrancies will allow you to appreciate more the sound of the marimba, rain stick and thunderclap.




The AROMATIC HERBS area lets you immerse yourself in the scents of mint (5 varieties), rosemary, oregano, thyme, sage, chives, marjoram, parsley, accompanied by purple lavender. The Harmonic Ufo will make you hear the melodies of the Universe.



The ROSE GARDEN will end your visit to the outside of the museum and gives the visitor a breath-taking view of the roses and the town of Roncegno. The organ pipes will allow you to hear the sound that the wind produces entering into them.


And to live a pleasant time relaxing, admiring the beautiful natural landscape that opens in front of the park, you can sit on benches and play the Cymbals and the famous Tibetan bowls.


The Music park is an oasis of peace where the visitor can admire the beautiful landscape while listening to natural sounds.