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MusicaEstate ... and more than that!

25/05/2015 12:29
Activities that are offered by Museum of Musical Folk Instruments and Accademia della Musica are not restricted to summer camp! In summer 2015 these activities are expected: - Monday, June 15: Creative Musical Workshop - Europe Room from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. at Museum of Musical Folk Instruments -...

Corsi di MusicaInsieme

13/10/2014 14:52
MusicaInsieme (Musictogether) is one of the educational projects proposed by Accademia della Musica. It consists of instrumental classes for children starting from 6-year-old children and adults; plus some courses to put children, moms to be and infants in contact with music. Every class consists...

A museum to visit and play

09/08/2014 17:45
You can visit the museum on your own, following the indications of the staff and reading boards near the instruments, or you can book guided tours. If you choose our guided tours, you will be able to admire the musical instruments of the Museum and also to play them....
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