Night at the Museum

Children that want to experience a Night at the Museum arrive at 8 p.m. to Montebello Room (Montebello Square). Here they have the possibility to know each other and build a little instrument which is related to the room that they are going to visit in the Museum. At a later time, children walk to the Museum, and once they have put their sleeping bag in the theatre they are accompained to a specific room. The visited Room is lighted up only by a few candles and children are now blindfolded. At a first time, children are asked to listen to a story and to pay attention to the sound of Instruments that are used to enliven the reading. Then participants have the possibility to know Instruments by touching them, and finally they visit the room. In the morning, children leave the Museum with the entertainers and have breakfast together. The experience concludes at 9 a.m.


The dates for summer 2015 are:

- July, 10/11: Europe Room

- July, 24/25: Roncegno Room

- August 7/8: Africa Room

- August 21/22: Asia-America-Oceania Room


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